Metal filter
Screen & internal
Filter media
Bag filter
A pioneer in Korea since 1992. Adopted super excellent north America needle punched nonwoven media. Under close cooperation with customers in Japan, manufactured under strict quality control, examined, it enabled world top quality. Support fast delivery, special shape, special parts.
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Cartridge filter
From economy price pleated, high quality membrane, absolute grade & general depth, carbon, capsule available BETAPURE, CP, SEKISSO, PROFILE II equivalent type available, approved Japanese Food Associate test, long term Japan filter maker OEM history, high reliability & economics

PP pleated
pleated cartridges which combined with depth & surface filtration, long support history for Japan abs. 0.4micron ~, mini~jumbo size available
PP pleated-eco
top economical price, the same with standard filtration efficiency, recommend for the frequent filter change process regardless life time
Glass pleated
0.2micron~. SUS capsule etc. custom design available
PTFE membrane
hydrophilic, hydrophobic North America media
all PTFE membrane
excellent price & performance
hydrophilic, recommend for PTFE membrane replace application by economic price
PES(polyethersulfone) membrane
Europe media, validation report, long support history for Japan
DURA-PES membrane
extra long life time & high flow rate type than standard PES in the market recommend for the least filter change process and small volume filter housing
NYLON membrane
PP membrane
Semi-abs. depth
99% removal efficiency. triple filtration layer structure, PALL profile equivalent product
PP/PE bicomponent depth
BETAPURE, CP, SEKISSO equivalent product, coreless multi filtration layer structure with PP net for high viscosity process, Regular & Special reinforced grade available
PP meltblown
0.5micron~, mini~jumbo size, Regular & Special reinforced grade available
0.5micron~, mini~jumbo size available
FDA, long support history for Japan
Capsule & carbon filter
mini~jumbo size available
Screen & internal
A pioneer in Korea since 1994. industrial screen, water well screen, sinking, well drilling for water collection tube, and internal of petrochemical plant. many global major customers including Japan and middle east.
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Metal filter
Wire mesh, sintered, pleated, tube type available with various materials. Quick delivery, competitive economic benefits many global major customers including Japan and middle east
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Filter housing
ASME stamp. sanitary, multi, single, bag housing. & accessory. custom design available many global major customers including Japan
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Filter media
GLASS microfiber filter media ; HEPA, liquid use. pioneer in Korea, wet laid process. most recent launched drinking water media, porous plastic custom design available
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