Metal filter
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Metal filter
- Custom made design and manufacturing since 1995
- Designed for absolute or extremely fine filtration rating.
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Wire Mesh Filter
It consists of woven wires of various gauges and composition, which many industries use for absorbing and filtering contaminants or microscopic particles. We provide wire-mesh products in commonly used shapes, sizes, configurations with the materials of acid, corrosion, and heat resistant. It can be either cylindrical type or pleated type of filter element with the option of gaskets. Mesh element appears in different patterns which creates different strength, size of wire mesh and filtration ability.

cartridge element pleated element

Sintered metal fiber filter
It consists of extremely fine metal fiber ranging from 0.25 to 100micron.
It is a non-woven sintered cloth media. While sintered wire-mesh media provides surface
filtration, sintered metal fiber media enables surface and internal filtration.
Standard material is SUS316L and special materials (Hastelloy R, Inconel 601, and Fecralloy)
are also available to meet customer’s specific applications. characteristics of Sintered
Metal Fiber Filter are:

1.High air-permeability compared to other media.
2.durable under high pressure and temperature.
3.Higher dirt retention capacity.
4.Superior anti corrosive properties
5.longer filter life.
6.Low pressure drop.
7.Reusable by surface cleaning

Multi-layer sintered filter
Multi-Layer Sintered Filter (5-layers are mainly used) is the most resistant to pressure, due to its construction of multi-layers of wire-mesh the reinforced layers by plain-Dutch woven wire-mesh.
Multi-layers sintered filter provides filtering range from 3 to 200 micron
Standard material is SUS316L and special materials (Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Nickel etc.) are

1.High mechanical strength due to reinforcing support layers.
2.High accuracy.
3.Heat resistance up to 480 C.(He liquid)
4.Washability due to the surface filtration structure.

Sintered metal powder Filter
Sintered Metal Powder Filter will give the right solution for extremely fine impurities filtration.
The atoms of metal power are sintered with application of high pressure and temperature
eventually, form poromeric spaces which functions as a filter elements.
Sintered Metal Powder Filter provides filter provides filtering range from 0.1 to 200micron.
Standard materials are SUS304,SUS316L and special materials(Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel,
Nickel etc.) are also available in accordance with customer`s specific purposes.
Due to such a fine filterability, Sintered Metal Powder Filters are mainly used in steam line.

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