Metal filter
Screen & internal
Filter media
Screen & internal
- Custom design and manufacturing since 1998
- Half of total sales from middle east region
- Continuous global project experience with European & Japan majors since 2003
- Key player at underground water, ion exchange water, petrochemical industry
- 3 line ; Φ165/Φ508/Φ813*3.2m

Product (Detail description )
Water intake
Well screen,  wedge wire screen
Slot sizes ranging from 25micron(0.025mm) to 20mm and serves various stainless steels
(304, 304L, 361L, Duplex, Monel, Titanium etc) to meet customer’s requirements.

Internals(Petroleum & refining)
Support grid,  outer collector,  strainer/resin trap,  nozzle screen,  header & lateral screen

Water treatment
Automatic self cleaning system,  automatic tube cleaning system
sieve band screen,  scum drum screen

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